I live in the Louisville, Ky. area which is the home of the Ford Super Duty’s. So when in late 2004 I decided to order a new 2005 F-250 Crew Cab King Ranch I thought I was making a great choice. I had researched and checked out the other 2 options and believed the F-250 with the tow package, built in brake controller and tow mirrors was the best of the group. I took delivery in Feb. 2005 and have had it ever since. 

 Well I think my truck must have been built on a Friday the 13th at quitting time.  I won’t bore you with all the details but I have had more than my share of issues. Electrical, mechanical, HPOP, turbo’s, deleted,  intercooler... the list goes on. 

 I even went through a Lemon Law mediation settlement case but ended up one day short of down time to qualify. Ford offered me an extended warranty if I would sign away any future claims options. I refused the offer.

 So why do I still have the truck you may ask? The simple answer is I really like the truck…when it’s running! And I’ve put so much time and treasure into it that I can’t bring myself to let it go. So a few years ago after hitting a 245 degree EOT while towing I was very close to putting it on a trailer to send off for a full "100 proof-50 cal-proofing".  However after a lot of research I decided to give the oil cooler a back flush and the cooling system a total flush to see if the oil cooler performance could be improved.

 What convinced me to try back flushing is that the oil cooler has a removable cover on the coolant discharge port while all other ports are non-accessible. The mechanical engineer in me said that Ford/International would not have spent the money on a removable cover if it was not meant to be a serviceable location. So after a lost weekend, many-many gallons of backflushing water, distilled water and converting to ELC coolant I struggled to put the oil cooler discharge cover back on for the 4th time,  put the rest of it back together and called it clean.

 The results were impressive. My ECT vs. EOT deltas went down to 10 degrees under normal unloaded conditions and 15-20 degrees while pulling a 12,000 pound load at 65 mph @ 90 degree ambient.  I thought I was on to something! Backflushing the Oil Cooler works!

 The challenge with thoroughly flushing the cooling system and back flushing the oil cooler is that you have to take the removable cover off and put it back on back on 3 or 4 times while snaking the hose into the oil cooler each time within a hot engine compartment and dealing with the difficult to get to back bolt! It is very time consuming, and frustrating.

 So to make a long story come to an end I decided to develop a simple device to make my life easier the next time I needed to back flush my oil cooler.  In doing so I realized that this concept could also benefit many other 6.0 owners.  So to the drawing board I went and the result is the USA PATENTED 6.0 Oil Cooler BackFlush Valve/Tool (BFV). 

 Feel free to call me (JC) with any questions.  

413-FIX-UR60 (413-349-8760). 

 Thanks for reading and good luck to you all!