•  The  USA PATENTED Fix-Ur-6 Oil Cooler Backflush Valve Tool (BFV) is designed as a permanently installed replacement for the factory installed coolant discharge cap on the oil cooler housing. 
  • The  (BFV) is all aluminum. The BFV is fully gasketed, assembled and tested prior to shipment. The  gaskets are custom cut and formed all made from EPMD or Viton. 
  • In normal driving position (BFV threaded up) the housing provides less restriction to coolant flow than the factory coolant discharge cap. This increases coolant flow through the oil cooler.
  • In backflush position ( BFV  threaded down) the valve tip recesses and seals into the oil cooler outlet port. When a garden hose is connected and running the flow of water is opposite the normal coolant flow direction. The counter flow water and pressure dislodge debris that accumulates in the oil cooler thus cleaning the oil cooler coolant passages.
  • With the Patented Fix-Ur-6 Oil Cooler Backflush Valve Tool (BFV) installed the oil cooler can be backflushed as needed to maintain it's performance.

An added benefit of the USA Patented BFV is it's ability to stop coolant flow through the oil cooler. So if you are preparing to do a general cooling system flush (with or without chemical treatment) then you can place the BFV in the backflush position, install the cap and it will prevent any debris loosened during the flush from entering the oil cooler. This should only be done if the truck has been egr cooler deleted. Once the cooling system has been flushed then backflush the oil cooler as the last step.