1.       Why do I need an oil cooler Back Flush Valve/Tool (BFV)?

A.      The short answer is that the permanently installed BFV Tool provides you or your mechanic a simple and efficient way to clean out a restricted engine oil cooler as needed. If your oil temperatures are on the high side then install the BFV and clean out the oil cooler. In most cases this will get the temps back to normal range.  If you are thinking about flushing the cooling system or replacing your oil cooler then the BFV should be installed as part of the cooling system flush/cleanse before the oil cooler is replaced.

2.       What are the benefits of the BFV?

A.      Just as occasional backwashing your radiator helps to remove road grime and debris that gets stuck between the radiator  fins the permanently installed BFV provides a simple way to backflush the oil cooler thus reducing the restrictions to coolant flow.  Improved coolant flow allows the oil cooler to do a better  job of keeping the engine oil temperature  in the normal operating range which is critical to the operation of the 6.0.  If you are into monitoring your engine then you can also install a pressure gauge or transducer for remote readout of the oil cooler discharge coolant pressure or a temperature sensor to measure the coolant temperature.

3.       How long does it take to install a BFV?

A.       If you are replacing the oil cooler then the BFV can be installed on the bench in a few minutes. If you installing in the truck and perform your own routine maintenance then you should be able to have the BFV installed and operational in about an hour or two. After the initial installation you can be back flushing in a matter of minutes.

4.       Are any special tools needed to install the BFV?

A.      Not really. The 2-bolts that need to be removed are star drive (T-30), a 5/32 allen wrench will also work. The front bolt can be removed with a swivel socket. The back bolt is tougher to get to but an angled ratchet wrench makes it simpler. It helps to disconnect the CAC tube at the turbo and hold the wiring harness out of the way with a bungee cord. See the installation tab and videos for guidance.

5.       How does the BFV work?

A.      The BFV simply provides a easily accessible location to back flush the oil cooler. Ford provided a factory installed removable cover plate on the coolant discharge port of the engine oil cooler.  Why would this cover be removable if not to back flush the oil cooler?? The other 3 ports have sealed covers! By removing the factory cover and replacing it with the BFV a standard garden hose can be connected and used to back flush water through the oil cooler and out the lower radiator hose fitting. Once installed the BFV can quickly be changed from backflush position (down) to normal flow position (up) in a matter of minutes. See the animation and operation videos for additional info.

6.       Is back flushing of the oil cooler a new concept?

A.      Not really. There are several videos and write ups on line. Run a web search for "6.0 Oil Cooler Backflush". What is new is the permanently installed,  USA PATENTED  Fix-Ur-6 BFV Tool and the ability it provides to back flush quickly and as often as needed to maintain the operation of the oil cooler. For example and comparison here is another optional method to back flush. Notice the need to install and remove the 2-customized  fittings each time a backflush is needed.


7.       Will the BFV help me if I recently replaced my engine oil cooler?

A.      Absolutely!  Many 6.0 owners have replaced their oil coolers only to have the new one become restricted in a short period of time. Then what??? Replace the new oil cooler with another new oil cooler??? With the BFV permanently installed the restricted oil cooler can be backflushed  to remove the restrictions as often as needed or as part of routine maintenance.

8.       What is included? Is any assembly required?

A.      The BFV GEN-2 ships fully assembled and operational. A  new EPDM O-ring gasket is installed. 2 short handled, American made, custom bent 1-1/2" and 15/16" wrenches are included to tighten and loosen the cap and valve stem respectively. Zip ties lock the cap in position to the BFV housing and a lock nut to secure the valve stem. The 2 bolts from the factory installed oil cooler cover plate are reusable. They should be installed at +/-85 lbf-in. 

9.       What type gaskets are used?

A.      The O-ring gasket  and the flat gaskets in the BFV are made from American made EPDM which is the same material as the oem factory gasket and are rated to perform in the operating temperatures and pressures while exposed to ELC coolants.

10.   Is there an installation video?

A.      Yes. See the links on the photos on the home page and the 'Installation' tab. See the last video for the details for the GEN-2 model.

11.   Should a BFV be installed if I’m just planning to flush the cooling system?

A.      Once again…Absolutely!  Flushing of the entire cooling system typically dislodges and relocates debris in the cooling system. The oil cooler turns into a great filter for some of that debris.  That is why many new replacement oil coolers get restricted shortly after they are installed. 

       With the BFV the oil cooler can be back flushed whenever the cooling system flush-n-fill procedure calls for the cooling system to be opened and drained. From my experience there are 3-4 times in the typical cooling system flush-n-fill sequence where the oil cooler should be backflushed. Remember cycle the starter a few times (but don't start the truck) and to run a gallon or two of distilled water through the  oil cooler before closing it up after the last backflush.

12.   Where can I learn more about the typical cooling system flush procedure?

A.      There are many good videos and write ups on line. Here is a very thorough write up. FicmRepair.com.com - Powerstroke Cooling System Flush PDF v1-0

13.   Do you have any tips or suggestions for the cooling system flush?

A.      Yes.  First of all do it. Distilled water and ELC coolant is cheap compared to just about anything else on these trucks. Have plenty of both on hand. Have all the materials you think you will need and then add 50%. During the cooling system flush-n-fill procedure do not let the system dry out. Anything that dries out will probably end up as a piece of solid debris in the coolant. Go from one step to the next as quickly as possible. Be thorough.  Open as many drain points as you can. Blow water out the block drains (at least the driver side drain), (the Fumoto drain valve really helps with this). Clean out or replace the degas bottle. Mine had a solid layer or debris from the factory coolant. 

14.   How often should the oil cooler be back flushed?

A.        Depends on the condition of the oil cooler and the typical engine oil temperatures you have. Anything above the normal 15 degree differential is a point to consider a backflush. Remember the 15 degree differential is for normal non-towing driving conditions @60-65 mph on a level road.

15.    Will the BFV fix every oil cooler?

A.      There will be the occasional abused oil cooler that is so severely plugged that back flushing will not help and the cooler has to be replaced. 

16.   What are the warranty terms for the BFV?

A.      All machined aluminum parts carry a 10 year warranty. The gaskets are warranted for 5-years with ELC coolants. The complete BFV assembly carries a full 1-year money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with it for any reason simply return it for a full refund less the shipping cost.

17.   Where is the BFV made?

A.      The BFV was designed, engineered and will always be produced in the USA. All USA PATENT laws apply as the BFV is a fully patented system.


18. Does adding compressed air to the backflush water help remove more debris?

          A. Yes it does. I have performed back flushes with water only and then followed up with compressed air & water combination and the combo does a better job. Here is a short video  showing the added power behind the compressed air water combo.